[UPDATE] Version 4.1.0

Version 4.1.0 Update

What comes in the following update?

Breaworlds is now on IOS! You can now play the game on ios devices!

We also have a fresh look at the Achievements section with icons added to each achievement. Also with that, there are now colors indicating whether you completed an achievement or not. Wrench yourself to navigate to the achievements section to see the upgrades; 

Another cool new feature we have is Profile Badges. Customize your profile with the new badges you can find in the shop or via completing achievements;

Another system we brought is the new Prestige System. Players can choose to prestige at level 100 for new benefits such as being able to spin the prestige wheel daily. When you reach level 100 you can navigate to the shop to become a Prestige Player and have an awesome badge next to your name!

We also have some additional updates such as being able to upgrade your friends list limit up to 250 and changeable chat bubble color;

Not only that we also reworked much of the UI and redesigned the locks;

Another thing we have added is new items
We have the new Amethyst Lock which can be obtained by exchanging 100 Titanium Locks.

Almost forgot to mention! Prestige players have access to spin the Prestige Wheel and Increased Drop Rates!
Some of the drops from the Prestige Wheel are;
● Super Jetpack
● Super Golden Jetpack
● Gem Gift Block
● Amethyst Chest
● Amethyst Block
● Golden World Lock

Lastly, we have new items in the shop!
● New VIP wings + VIP bundle
● New Valkyrie wings in the token shop
● New guild blocks in the guild section

This update also comes with a long list of various fixes and changes to existing systems for system and device stability. With this change, unfortunately, some older devices cease to be available to play upon.

This is just a brief summary of what's been updated in Breaworlds, that is all for now.

See you all in the game!

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