[ENDED] Designer of the Month #1 (March)

Designer of the Month (March)

The very first event!

Each month, the Breaworlds team will feature the work of a standout designer who has an astounding work ethic and ability to design. Winners are chosen based on the greatest number of votes by the staff and sometimes the support of community members. Prizes are announced each month, sometimes allowing the player's designed item to be implemented into the game with a proper NDA signature.


Contest entries must be pixel art and match Breaworld's design style. This can include clothing, weapons, eyes, hair, or any other alterations or additions to the Breaworlds style. To be considered a valid submission, an entry must be done for all relevant frames of the sprite, as opposed to just one view.

You may not submit work that exists elsewhere, even if it is your own. Under no circumstances will any rips or modifications of commercial art be accepted. We reserve the right to reject inappropriate or offensive entries.

You will be judged by four categories, however, this month there will be only two places available, 1st and 2nd place.

* Creativity

* Originality

* Concept

* Style Rating


Food items seen as wearables

Send your submissions by clicking Lil' Brea

You may submit as many entries as you want, however each person will be entitled to only one prize. One person may receive multiple honorable mentions. If you spam the form, you will be banned from submissions.

The deadline is 3/27/2024.

All entries are final and may not be withdrawn except at the discretion of the Breaworlds staff. If you wish to update your entry, simply alter it and submit it again.


This giveaway has ended, thank you to everyone who participated.

1st place: ABC

2nd place: Oat

Honorable Mention: Eur

If you are the winner or you know one of the winners, please contact a staff member on Discord or in-game to collect your prizes. Keep in mind, do not spam the staff as they might be busy, just patiently wait.


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