How to get rich during halloween update

Here is my experience and I assure you 100% it will work for you

1. Hoarding new items which are the most common items after Halloween rise to 5-20X in price and some of them go limited!

2. Hoarding blocks, No one does that in the game because most people's focus goes towards the new items, not the blocks yet blocks get rare and demandable after the event because most of them aren't farmable so if you get yourself a stack of every new block in the game you're good after Halloween

3. This is a before-Halloween tip always buy gems with all of your world locks 1-2 months before Halloween and wait for me I invested 65tls and was planning to invest around 100 but I got inactive the 65 tls turned out into 130 tls doubled my tls in no time

4. This is good for newbies who only have 10-15 Worldlocks, Go to the shop and buy a Trick'o treat globe like 10 of them which costs 10 wls if you buy gems 1k/1wl or 5 if you buy them before Halloween 2k/1wl with Trick'o treat globes you can get 100+ Candies which then you can make 1 golden candy and have at least 10 more candy leftovers you can sell this 1gcandy for 15 wls and it only takes 4-5 minutes to consume all these Trick'o treat globes

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